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Extraordinary Experiences

We have been so busy over the month of February with Family events in the classroom to extraordinary experiences outdoors.

Before our AD students left on their out-of-state trip to Houston, they tapped all the maple trees on our grounds. The Elementary and Children's House students watched intently and with admiration as

they identified a spot on the tree, drilled a hole and then inserted one end of a pipe into the tree. The other end was placed in a bucket with a lid. The Adolescent classroom students explained the rationale of what they were doing and answered questions as diverse and crucial as "When will we get to taste the syrup?" to " Why do only maple trees have sap?" and "Are we hurting the tree by taking all its sap?" We all await to observe the next steps in the process - culminating in being the first to taste what will surely be "the bestest syrup in the world" because it's all from our trees and made by our community.

Earlier in the month, the Elementary and Adolescent classrooms hosted the school families in their classrooms for Desserts and Demos. This was when they presented to guests their favorite works in the classrooms or their projects. There was not one person who left that evening, without being completely in awe of the students' confidence, depth of knowledge and their excitement at sharing their knowledge.

The school community has also begun working on Dinner In The Woods - our annual fundraiser gala. In the coming weeks, students will start working on their auction art projects and families will be out and about gathering donations and making decisions on, food, the entertainment, etc. This will all come together in a one-of-a-kind evening on June 3rd.

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