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Mission and Values

Learning through our Expression, Discovering through your Experience!


Nature’s Classroom Institute’s mission is to prepare students to be vested learners by engaging their natural curiosities about the world. NCI adapts to the individual learner’s needs through an interdisciplinary approach utilizing its natural and agricultural campus. Rooted in Montessori ideals of independence and mutual respect, NCI is fueled by practical and authentic learning experiences that develop academically, socially and environmentally responsible problem solvers. Through modeled values of a successful community, we immerse students in a dynamic learning environment. NCI inspires intrinsic learning and curiosity while nurturing mutual respect and understanding of oneself, others and the world.


NCI is founded on the belief that all children need and deserve, safe, beautiful and rich environments, built and natural, that allow them the time and opportunity to play, grow, learn and express themselves uninhibitedly. With a profound conviction that by immersion in the natural world, as well as in aesthetically and carefully designed built spaces, children challenge themselves physically, mentally and intellectually, NCI is a committed advocate for children to be offered the learning opportunities to develop their inner caution meter, discover their limits and push their own boundaries.

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