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Adolescent Classroom

12 to 18 Year Olds

The mission of the Nature’s Classroom Institute Montessori School’s Adolescent Program is to allow each student to interact freely with the prepared environment. The environment will be one that fulfills the needs of each child physically, intellectually, and emotionally in accordance with their studies. The students will engage mentally and physically in practical life work, that will put meaning and action to their elementary knowledge. They will study and progress in a safe environment with the end goal of self-confidence and self-worth in their abilities and accomplishments as well as a complete understanding of the world community.


Our school farm will guide the child with meaningful, practical adult work, allowing the student to see the true importance of their contributions and hard work. A classroom micro-economy will allow the students independence and financial responsibility, and give the students an understanding of the role the economy plays in adult society. The students will also begin to understand where they best can contribute within that economy. Their mental development will progress through a rigorous study of mathematics and an intricate use of both Spanish and English will offer them new and enriching opportunities.


The students will expand their knowledge to prepare for the next stage in their lives through occupational studies of the sciences and the humanities. These will provide them with concrete experiences to understand the fragility and importance of the natural world, teach them pedagogy of place and the inter-dependencies of future generations on their current time and place. Our adolescent students will have opportunities to express their emotions in constructive and positive forms of creative expression, art, music, drama, and language in an environment rich with culture, experiences, and self-reflection. Upon graduation from our program each student should transition into the community with a solid knowledge base of the world and self-confidence with their abilities and contributions.

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