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D.C, American History & More

Experience Washington D.C and the history of North East with us at Nature's Classroom Institute. Explore your selected locations, build your unique schedule and enjoy the wonders of our Maryland site for your overnight accommodations.


Student Led History Trips

The NCI overnight adventure to Washington DC and the surrounding area has been specifically designed to be student led. The students complete the research, build the schedule, organize the transport and lead during each stop. This is perfect for a Montessori Adolescent group or other groups looking to give their students more responsibility when planning a trip.

Built For Montessori Schools

More Freedom of Choice & More Options

Dorm Style Accomodation with Food Included

Total Price is Lower than our Competitors

Complete and Ongoing Support from Start to Finish

Main Attractions

The Nations Capital, American History and More

Explore the History of the Nations Capital.

The team at Nature's Classroom Institute will facilitate your custom, tailor-made Washington D.C trip. We will work with your team to build the perfect trip that is unique to your group.

Our overnight accommodation is just 50 minutes from the D.C area and an hour away from Gettysburg, allowing you the opportunity to explore more than just The Mall. After dinner each night the NCI team will incorporate historical simulations to put your students in the shoes of those who came before them in US History.

Being a Montessori organization we provide as much choice as possible, meaning the students can explore the areas that interest them. We haven't listed all we do on these trips as we are open to anything and everything. From the standard Whitehouse photo ops and museums to the weird and wonderful that may only be of interest to your group.

Trip Planning Resources

Light trail motion blur of commuter train at subway station.jpg

Getting Around

Transport info for your trip.

DC Metro

Rail, Busses and more...

Getting around DC is easy with a little bit of planning. Use the links below to plan your movements. Rockville is our entry and exit point to central DC.

Vehicle Rental

Best solutions for your school

Each school will need to tackle transport differently. It is best to communicate with NCI to find the appropriate solution. Some may want to charter buses but renting a vehicle might be ideal. NCI may be able to provide a vehicle for up to 10 people.

Rockville, MD

Our DC Starting Point

Rockville is our access point to Washington DC. The station is 45 minutes away from our site with parking. From Rockville your group can access the Red Line to various parts of DC.

Airports & Amtrak

Arrival and Departure

Getting to the area from your school requires a unique solution for each of our visiting schools. You can use the links below to help plan your arrival and departure.

The Accommodation

Central to so many historical and natural sites.

Our accommodation has cabin style bunks (with separate rooms for chaperones) providing an opportunity for the students to socialize while offering teachers and opportunity to easily group manage during the night times as the students will be all together, not in separate hotel rooms.  

When in a shared, community sleeping space students build relationships, friendships and learn to respect those they are sharing a space with.

The food is high quality and included in the price. Students are able to make choices and chat about their days together as a classroom. Unboxing things they saw that day, the previous day or discuss their upcoming events.

Overall sleeping and eating as a community adds to the students experience. Providing a new layer to the field trip.

Speak to the Team

Discuss your potential field trip with Austin, our Director of National Business Development, find out availability, prices and different options. Then speak with the Director of Outreach, Britta, to build your tailor made schedule.

Explore More

The links below will give you more information and help you make decisions when planning your trip.

Bullet Journal

Send us your information and we will start the process of booking your trip.

Clothes suitcase

Once you have started the process this is where you can find packing lists and more.


Download our brochure to read a little more about what the site has to offer.

Using Laptop at Home

Register your students on our portal, you will have access to see your students info.


Are you looking for a more traditional NCI trip? Explore or Maryland site.


Get to know the staff that will be facilitating your trip and working with your group.

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