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Summer Camp Student Registration

Registration FAQs.

Registering your student for their up and coming field trip with NCI is a simple and user friendly process. However that does not mean you don't have questions. Feel free to reach out to us directly if you do not find the answers to your questions below.

Can I register more than one student for a field trip?

Yes, as you are about to confirm registration for one student it will ask you if you would like to register another. You can also register more than one parent/guardian.

I have registered in the past but this looks different, what changed?

A lot has changed. Our old system was wonderful until it wasn't. We received a lot of complaints from people getting stuck, error messages and more. So we upgraded.

I used the old system, do I need to start again with the new one?

Yes, your information has not carried over so you will need to register again. We hope this is not too much of an inconvenience and that you prefer out new set up.

I registered my student last year, they are coming again, should I register them again?

Yes, in todays world so much can change. From address information, phone numbers and insurance information to medical, dietary and more. To insure we have the most accurate information you will need to register your student again.

I am not sure which trip to choose. How do I know?

Some of our visiting schools have multiple trips with us. With different grades, locations and dates. If you are unsure which one to select you will need to confirm with the school. The majority of the time you will nor get a choice as your student's school will have just one trip.

My student has detailed medical or dietary needs, can you facilitate that?

When you register the system will ask for all of these details. We use them to ultimately keep your student safe. If there is something that we have questions about we may reach out to you. We can accommodate most things.

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