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Environmental Educator

The Job Description

Company Description:

We are “the nations premier environmental education program”, from coast to coast and border to border. We operate in California, Texas, Wisconsin and Florida with growth not so far on the horizon. We welcome schools from around the country for their tailor made overnight field trips, students from ages 7 to 18, eager to learn, play and explore

The role:

As a Nature’s Classroom Institute (NCI) team member you will be joining a team passionate about the natural and built environment and be ready to pass that passion onto our visiting students. We teach with influence from the Montessori Method, allowing students to be hands on, explore and take responsibility, it is our job to guide and facilitate, allowing the students to learn from their surroundings and their peers. You will be working with groups of no more than 12 students, allowing them to lead the way through our many classes and simulations. Our day begins at 8am and ends at 9:30pm with plenty of breaks and meals in between. You will be fully supported by our onsite leadership team and out of state support staff to ensure you have all the tools you need to not only be successful but to thrive as an environmental educator. You will be encouraged to make the position your own by developing your own curriculum and teaching topics you feel comfortable with.


Seasonal, Monday to Friday *With flexibility,

Start-date: August, 2023

Location: Wisconsin, Texas, California, Florida, Maryland

Salary: $1600 per month



• Housing is provided and free for all Environmental Educators

• Food is provided without cost during programming.

• No overnight or weekend duties.

• Paid holidays, annual leave and sick pay.

• Paid travel between states if required..

• Paid training

• Potential for promotions and upward development for those looking to progress their careers with us.


Bonus and Extra Pay:

• $100 per month towards cost of health care.


Experience and Requirements:

• You may be required to walk up to 5 miles a day and will need to be comfortable on unpaved terrain.

• Experience with children and young adults is helpful but not required.

• Happy to live and work with a team of people in close proximity and sometimes shared accommodations.

• Hard work is a must here at NCI, connecting our future generations to nature is an important job and we take it very seriously. We love having a team of multi-disciplined, well rounded people with varying degrees of experience and education, come and join us

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