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2024 Updates

The Adolescent Classroom students handcrafted fused glass flowers on copper stems. They have been able to learn about the process of glass art nd engage in a study over many years, making more intricate projects each year.



Definition of RECALCITRANT
1: obstinately defiant of authority or restraint
2a : difficult to manage or operate

b : not responsive to treatment

c : resistant <this subject is recalcitrant both to observation and to experiment — G. G. Simpson>
— recalcitrant noun


Hailing from Milwaukee, Recalcitrant brings a funky reggae influenced hip-hop jam rock everywhere they go. Conceived in 2002 as an underground hip-hop project, the group quickly found themselves gravitating towards live performance incorporating musical instruments. While staying true to hip-hop roots, the band began experimenting with different styles, combining elements of rock, reggae, funk, and jam influences to create a sound that is purely Recalcitrant.

With focus on original music that has been described as “progressive reggae”, live performance is always a fun filled energetic event. 2011 found the band sharing the stage with national acts such as,The Big Wu, Orgone, The Heavy Pets, Roster McCabe and Cosmic Railroad, and solidifying festival appearances through out the Midwest. Great things are on the horizon, and we invite you to join the fun!


**Recalcitrant, Funky Reggae Jamband Mixing Hip-hop + funk + jam+ ska+ southern soul+ reggae = a night of Kick-ass danceable music.  We came to party, We came to dance and sing.   <-----  88.9 Radio Milwaukee



Look at what we have to offer with the support and talent of our local farmers and chefs! And not to forget our families!!


Meet JESSE VOELKER - our neighborhood superstar who will help start the evening off with his foot-tapping and sing-alongability tunes. Jesse Voelker is an old throwback in a young package.  The ragtime feel of Scott Joplin & Blind Blake combined with jazz and blues licks seldom heard in this neck of the woods.  Combine that vibe with the feel of Peyton Lencho on standup bass and you've got pure, unfiltered music filled with passion and soul. Get to know him here:

Our World is a representation of one of the beloved works of the older students of Children's House classroom - the map of the Planisphere. The students used lentils, beans, coffee and salt to represent the various continents of the world. Colorful and rich in texture, the work represents the importance of observing and respecting the diversity of the human race.

Button Treats is a collaborative artwork by the students of the Elementary Classroom - creative, vibrant and colorful -a perfect reflection of themselves!

The Metal Insets - a quintessential Montessori material that trains the child's hand towards writing in the most beautiful way. By the students of the Peacekeeper Sunflower Classroom - will be available to bid on at our online Silent Auction shortly.

The energy and enthusiasm of the Children’s House classroom is reflected in this glue and paint artwork which will be up for bidding at our online Silent Auction shortly.

Students of the Peacekeeper Sunflower Children's House Classroom, used the weaving skills they have learned over the year to make these 2 stunning woven wheels - representing the moon and sun.  Available for bidding at our online Silent Auction shortly.

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