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2023 Gallery 

Just a day away - our tent is up, sound and light system all set, salad greens harvested,  flower arrangements done, dishes washed, linen ironed...we CANNOT wait to see you at Dinner In The Woods tomorrow. 

Mr. Jay, our Facilities Manager has been mowing our grounds diligently over the last 2 weeks so that you will have a soft, green carpet to enjoy when you come on Saturday! 


The tent is almost up...and there is a distinct air of anticipation and excitement! See you soon!

Heart Love - by the students of the Children's House Classroom

Love for All Seasons - by the students of the Children's House Classroom

A Wonderful Nook - by the students of the Elementary Classroom

If Flowers were Balloons - watercolor art by the students of the Children's House Classroom

Fused Glass Art - by the students of the Adolescent Classroom

The Pink Tower - pushpin punching artwork by the students of the Children's House Classroom


The lettuce has been planted! The Adolescent class has begun working in the greenhouse each day to grow the salads for Dinner in the Woods. 

DITW 2023 Bands



Definition of RECALCITRANT
1: obstinately defiant of authority or restraint
2a : difficult to manage or operate

b : not responsive to treatment

c : resistant <this subject is recalcitrant both to observation and to experiment — G. G. Simpson>
— recalcitrant noun


Hailing from Milwaukee, Recalcitrant brings a funky reggae influenced hip-hop jam rock everywhere they go. Conceived in 2002 as an underground hip-hop project, the group quickly found themselves gravitating towards live performance incorporating musical instruments. While staying true to hip-hop roots, the band began experimenting with different styles, combining elements of rock, reggae, funk, and jam influences to create a sound that is purely Recalcitrant.

With focus on original music that has been described as “progressive reggae”, live performance is always a fun filled energetic event. 2011 found the band sharing the stage with national acts such as,The Big Wu, Orgone, The Heavy Pets, Roster McCabe and Cosmic Railroad, and solidifying festival appearances through out the Midwest. Great things are on the horizon, and we invite you to join the fun!


**Recalcitrant, Funky Reggae Jamband Mixing Hip-hop + funk + jam+ ska+ southern soul+ reggae = a night of Kick-ass danceable music.  We came to party, We came to dance and sing.   <-----  88.9 Radio Milwaukee



Conscious Congress.JPG

Since 2019, this amalgamation of 4 Milwaukee-based artists has delivered audiences all the fresh funk + soul they crave. With an avalanche of rhythm and a thunderous storm of powerhouse vocals, this band is sure to get you moving your feet. ANDII on lead vocals, Patrick Van Bibber on guitar, Brendan Demet on bass, and Dearly Loved Mathews on drums.

Follow Conscious Congress at: Conscious Congress (

Meet our Auctioneer

Brett Foster: parent, IT guru, musician and just a fun guy all around!

"Everyone is invited to our table!"


Heavens Table BBQ - called the best BBQ in Milwaukee - will be catering the dinner for our Event. This family owned and run business opened five years ago. The restaurant is run by Jason Alston. “It all started with me loving to watch my uncle and grandfather grill. Gradually, we came up with the idea and turned it into a passion that I hope to pass down to my sons.”

Learn more about Heavens Table BBQ here!

MP Taqueria.JPG

Eduardo of MP Taqueria (Eagle, WI) and his team will kick off the evening with a salsa, guac and chips bar. Known for its authentic Mexican food, they are a local favorite. Eduardo will be creating a new dish specially for those at Dinner in the Woods choosing the vegan and vegetarian option. 

Learn more about MP Taqueria here!

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