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What We Do

Nature’s Classroom Institute and Montessori School is dedicated to enriching the lives of children, teachers, and parents by immersing them in educational adventures within the natural and agricultural world. We achieve this through our Montessori school, complete with a farm and a strong nature based academic program, and our nationwide Overnight Adventures, a 3-to-5 day experience where Environmental Education meets STREAM subjects, and so much more!

We also offer “Adult Learner” programs for educators and schools with training in Science, Environmental and Outdoor Education and natural play. The University of Wisconsin, offers a Master’s and Doctoral degree in Montessori Education on our campus and in our classrooms.

Overnight Adventures

Come and join us on a wonderful experience at one of our 8 sites across the country. We will build a individualized field trip to fit your students needs with nature at the foundation.

Montessori School

Our nature focused Montessori School is situated in Mukwonago, WI. Complete with vast grounds and a farm our students stay connected to their environments.

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